Five Sports That Will Help You Get A Workout

Whether you are looking to have a light workout or a full body, extreme workout, you can find a sport that will help you get a workout. Even if you aren’t big into sports, some of these are great for beginners and some can even be played alone.

If you want something different to do for your workout once in a while, try one of the following sports.


Golfers need to have more than just a good swing. They need strong arms and they need great posture. Golfing can help you work on both of these, and it can even help you get in a good walking workout.

The point of golfing for exercise though is to make sure that you get that walk in and that you are hauling your own clubs. You don’t need a caddie to carry your clubs and you should definitely save your money when it comes to cart rental.



Take tips from the pros and integrate a good basketball workout into your daily life. Running basketball drills can be a great workout, and you can do it on your own. Make sure you stretch out and warm up first though.

Even if you just want to shoot some hoops alone, or with some friends, this too works towards a whole body workout. Make sure that you drink plenty of water while you’re playing!


Bowling is another good workout that is more relaxed for people that don’t want to work up too much of a sweet. You may find one arm gets stronger than the other, but you’ll also have fun playing.


If you have a good swing, or even if you don’t, baseball can be a great full body workout. It’s more medium level, unless you have a habit of hitting it out of the park. Then it could be a real great workout.

If the running from base to base part isn’t for you and you happen to have batting cages in your area, you can get a great upper body and abs workout with the batting cages. It can be fun, and it can be painful until your body gets used to that movement. So grab your Tee ball baseball bats and get yourself down to the batting cages for this fun new workout.


Lastly, if you want a high intensity fitness routine you should pick up tennis. You’ll need a friend to play against that also likes to get really active, or you can get a ball machine and play alone. Even with a ball machine you’ll find you have to move a bit.

Tennis is another one that is important to stay hydrated through. You can sweat out a lot when getting this workout.

Make your workout more fun and add in some sports and you’ll enjoy the change up and the competition.