Activity and Exercise Ideas For Healthy Kids!


Physical exercise can help children grow strong bones and maintain a healthy weight, it also has the potential to be lots of fun and assist in their future development.

By participating in activities alongside friends, kids can learn how to interact with others in an affable way and will soon appreciate the value of sharing.

Unfortunately, some children are more interested in watching TV and playing video games than getting active. Are you struggling to get your youngsters up and off the sofa? Here are some activity and exercise ideas to keep kids healthy:

Bike rides

From mountain biking through the forest to performing stunts on a BMX, this activity can provide plenty of thrills. Bike rides also enable the whole family to get involved – try setting some distance or time goals to keep things interesting.

Garden activities

If you’ve got a sizeable outdoor space use this to your advantage. During summer, water pistol fights will provide no end of fun and can help kids cool off in the heat too. they may require a bit of space but plum trampolines and swings offer year-round entertainment to both toddlers and teenagers.

Organised sports


Being part of a football or netball team can teach kids valuable life lessons and will give them the opportunity to hang out with their friends too. Individual sports such as tennis can also be hugely beneficial to a child’s development whilst furnishing them with an immense sense of achievement as well.

Traditional games

Sometimes the old ones are the best. No matter whether it’s a game of tag, treasure hunt, dodge ball or just a good old foot race, these traditional activities can capture the imagination and provide plenty of great exercise at the same time.

Water sports

Water sports are the perfect excuse to go on a family vacation to the beach. Most water sports are extremely exciting and require lots of physical exertion too. If you’re worried that activities like surfing or kayaking are a bit dangerous, find a water sports school to deliver expert instruction. You can find many schools (such as that provide surf camps for children. They usually have experts teaching the kids about safety and ensuring that they remain safe throughout the session(s).


Children might find the prospect of walking a little boring, but there are various ways to make things more enjoyable. Go to a local park and take a Frisbee with you or find some challenging hiking trails nearby.

In addition to physical activity and exercise, your kids should also be eating and drinking the right things too. Remember to:

  • Feed your family with at least five portions of fruit and veg per day
  • Have dinner as a family because experts say social eating is good for us
  • Replace sugary treats like chocolate or biscuits with oranges and bananas

Bear this advice in mind and your kids will remain healthy and be much stronger in later life too. Encourage your kids to exercise after school, on the weekends and even during a family holidays!

Images by young@art and susieq3c used under Creative Commons License.