Part one of my approach to bikini competition preparation for females.

At the beginning of this year (2015) an acquaintance asked me for advice on how to prepare for her first bodybuilding show. She wanted to enter the masters bikini/fitness category and wasn’t sure where to start. Initially I suggested she make a plan and commit to it listening to her body along the way. I am a personal trainer who advocates a healthy, balanced lifestyle and achieving sustainable results not extreme body transformation but after careful consideration I decided to guide her on this journey to bikini stardom! My goal was to show her a balanced approach to body building one that didn’t include surviving on a minimal calorific intake and hours of fasted cardio. I had seen many women prepare for bikini competitions look drained throughout the entire process (myself included). Their menstrual cycles had stopped their moods and hormones all over the place and what was it all for? The experience should be fun, enjoyable, a learning curve about yourself and your body. Not a journey leading to body dysmorphic tendencies or dysfunctional eating. My main goal was to make this a fun experience for her so by the time she reached competition day she would be full of life, bursting with confidence and raring to go.

So, the journey begun. She decided that she would take up a membership with the UK bodybuilding and fitness federation (UKBFF) and enter one of their shows in May this year (2015). I must add this woman was already a frequent gym user, in good shape and had in the past been a world champion fighter so had the discipline and determination of a lion hunting its prey. Fierce!

We discussed her expectations of the end result and then broke this down into smaller four week goals. Things she could focus on like reducing her body-fat, increasing her overall strength and building her legs and buttocks. Each program was 4 weeks focusing on specific body parts. Her nutrition was structured but not too rigid with room for some treats. The main focus was on consuming nutritionally dense foods, nutrient timing and increasing her water intake.

It has been 12 weeks since we started this journey together and I must say I am very proud of this young woman. She has been so positive and focused throughout this process and an absolute pleasure to work with. I wish her all the luck in the world for her first UKBFF bikini competition.

Some tips for women looking to start bikini competition preparation:

  1.  If you can afford to do so hire someone to guide and support you along the way
  2. Decide which federation best suits you
  3. Make sure to increase your down time and sleep during your preparation. This is essential for competing as it is psychologically demanding
  4. Make sure that your diet is varied and nutritious
  5. Increase your water intake
  6. Keep a training diary
  7.  Supplementation if needed such as Branch Chain amino acids or a good quality Protein shake
  8. Most of all have fun and listen to your body and learn all that you can

Below are pictures of her body transformation: The left is week 1 and the right week 11

lou 2

Lou 1

This post was written by Louisa: @louisa3six5                               

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