Best Cardio Exercise to Burn Fat

The best cardio exercise to burn fat fast is through the new HIIT method or High Intensity Interval Training. Which is nothing else than fast, intense exercises with little or no rest for 10, 15 or 20 minutes max.


What is the theory behind HITT?

There is only so much fat a body can lose in a given day, so long minutes or hours at the gym sweating rivers is really good for your cardio, but it does not mean you will lose tons more of fat than those people doing HITT for 15 minutes.

Most fat is burned in the afterhours of performing an exercise, HITT goes hand in hand with gym and long cardio by performing a short session of HITT sometime afterwards. It is actually much better to do several sessions of HITT during the day than one long exercise. And since it can only take between 10 to 15 minutes, you can adjust a daily program just before you go to work, during lunch time or just before going into bed, no matter how busy your week is.

Here is a video with 50 of the best HITT exercises, pick several for your daily routine:

America Football Players Train with HIIT

American football players are trained under the HITT method. Power and plyometric are the best exercises to focus on strong and flexible muscle groups that can react with strength in a split of a second.

Some of the best teams in the NFL like the Panthers, the Patriots and the Seahawks use HITT as their primary method of body training.

Online sports bettors even focus their handicapping player strategy on the type of workouts performed, this will affect their stamina, speed, and general performance. Place a bet on the match MVP or best player on American Football section of after focusing on players with the perfect conditions.

Intense Cardio Exercises

High intensity cardio sessions are the ones that keep your heart rate about 75% or greater during a certain session. You can burn more fat in a shorter amount of time and prevent catabolism, which can result from too much cardio Catabolism is when the body hides the fat when you are burning too much in order to hold reserves, so no matter your effort that fat will always remain there once the limit is reached.

Actually, the body can begin eating muscles when too much fat is burned in order to find the necessary nutrients when exceeding long cardio sessions.

Boredom is also one of the main causes for people cutting their exercise routine. HITT and high intensity cardio workouts keep it short, simple and with fast results. A high motivational factor to keep you going and happy.

Keep the exercise 30 seconds long in between with short rests of 5 seconds. Perform the exercises 3 to 4 times a week. There is no need to work out for 6 to 7 days straight, your body will protest after a few weeks, it is not viable with a normal daily job type of live and completely unnecessary.

Muscle of the Body that Burns More Fat

The muscle of the body that burns more fat are the legs, since they are the largest group of muscles. The bigger the muscle the more energy it requires to function. Also, when we do leg exercise we usually involve other group muscles like our back and abdominals.

The leg exercise that burns most fat, and this is the exercise that burns more fat from all types, is sit-ups with weights. Yes, that is right, the simple exercise of doing sit-ups with a long weight on your back burns the most amount of calories and works many muscle groups.