You Are What You’ve EATEN

It’s perhaps turned into an in-built trait we generally have as the human race, that being wanting to take care of our problems once they’ve been clearly defined as problems and revealed themselves as opposed to proactively taking steps to prevent those problems from developing. It’s definitely something more of us need to take better control of, especially in the corporate world or whatever working environment we find ourselves in. One of the main areas of our lives in which we tend to want to take reactive measures in addressing a problem is in replenishing the energy reserves we require to get us through the day. You are indeed what you’ve eaten — what you’ve already eaten, which is why energy drinks and the likes are only effective as a short term solution, if at all. You need to take a more proactive approach and plan your diet for better energy well in advance, with the best such planning taking the form of incorporating finger snacks into your diet throughout the day. Citrix GoToMeeting has put together this great infographic discussing 15 snacks you can kick-start your day with for more energy, or you can fill-up on them throughout the day to give you an energy boost or maintain good levels of energy. Check it out…