Why You Need to Take Magnesium

Magnesium is vital for your good health and wellbeing. Not only does magnesium regularize your blood pressure and help your heart maintain a steady rhythm, but it’s also essential to strengthen your bones and joints, along with various other benefits. So, while you can prevent certain damage to your tendons and joints by using powerstep insoles in your footwear, and making sure you warm up before working out, you can also help your body from the inside by taking magnesium supplements daily.


Magnesium Can Help Prevent Illnesses

Hypertension and osteoporosis are among some of the diseases that magnesium is good at fending off, as well as conditions such as depression and anxiety; as lack of magnesium has been associated with accumulated tension and stress. Magnesium is crucial for helping your muscles relax and in fighting muscle tension, so if you suffer from migraines, teeth grinding, or any other stress related conditions, taking magnesium daily can have noticeable benefits. If you’re prone to joint aches and pains, and find that simply using spenco insoles for your comfort isn’t enough, an extra dose of magnesium can help to counter your chronic condition.

Clear Your Mind

As well as helping keep your stress levels down, magnesium promotes a better quality of sleep, can help you get to sleep more easily and wake less often during the night. Insufficient magnesium levels can unbalance your nervous system, and taking as little as one magnesium pill a day can help regulate your sleeping, clear your mind and curb your stress levels.

Kick The Junk Food Cravings

Bad habits, such as drinking too much alcohol (more than 7 units a week), gorging on donuts, fizzy drinks and other sweet treats can all diminish your body’s magnesium levels. They can also have a negative effect on your mood and general health. So try trading in the chocolate cake for a bar of dark chocolate, or a healthy snack, such as nuts and seeds.

Where Can I Get Magnesium?

It’s hard to get all the magnesium that you need from simply eating magnesium rich foods, so the best way is to take something like this magnesium chloride supplement daily. However, foods that are high in magnesium include fish, nuts, seeds, dark leafy greens, whole grains, bananas, dried fruit, avocados, yogurt, and dark chocolate. Don’t go too crazy on the bananas, chocolate and avocados however, as these high magnesium foods are also high in fat, so if you’re on a weight controlled diet, then make sure you aren’t taking in too many calories.

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