The core meaning of working your core

Most trainers and fitness experts will put emphasis on exercising the core, and most people think “abs.” However, the core is not just the abdominal muscles, although that is what most people want to work on. The core also includes the back, shoulders, butt, and thighs. The main function of a well-toned core is not to move you, but to keep you stable. Exercises that focus on isolating certain muscles in the core, such as the abs, tend to create imbalances that can make you function less effectively in everyday tasks and impact on your overall health. This is why a holistic approach using yoga can help you develop your core properly. Aside from keeping you from keeling over in a high wind, here are some of the health benefits of working your core the right way.

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Prevent internal injuries

Aside from keeping you from hitting your head or breaking you hip from falling over, a properly toned core protects your internal organs and central nervous system from external injuries. If you have ever watched the TV movie The Great Houdini, you know that Houdini could take a punch in the solar plexus without injury when he clenched his abdominal muscles. The one time he was unprepared for it, the blow ruptured his spleen and killed him.

Keep back pain at bay

When you exercise your core correctly, you strengthen you back muscles to prevent keep it from damage. This can prevent you from suffering from chronic back pain, a common condition due to tissue damage suffered by at least 100 million American adults by the last count. Chronic back pain can lead to physical and mental problems because of the stress of constant pain. It is the top disability in the US.

Look and feel good

Well-toned core muscles naturally put your body in the proper posture. You not only feel good, you also look good. The fact that you have nice abs is just a side effect of proper core training, but an admittedly good one at that.