The Best Golf Clubs In Bali

The lush greenery and diverse beauty that is Bali can be found in each and every one of its golf courses. While most golf courses are man-made and usually forced unto the natural terrain, Bali golf courses are shaped to conform to the contour of the land on which they are built. The natural feel and serene ambience of these golf courses have made golfers from all over the world deem Bali as one of the top countries in Asia to book a golf holiday at. With the fresh air and sunshine, Bali’s near-perpetual summer climate turns a round of golf into an almost effortless way of having fun while simultaneously getting fitter. Eschewing golf carts for the traditional way of walking, you’ll get a free and enjoyable cardio workout while you play your 18 holes of golf.


New Kuta Golf

A relative newcomer when compared to its fellows, the New Kuta Golf Club makes up for its youth with flamboyant aesthetics and a variety of challenge for its players. While remaining true to the natural authenticity of a typical Bali golf club, the New Kuta Golf club has tweaked each of its holes to provide various difficulty levels for professionals and amateurs alike. The subtlety in this difficulty gives the course an edge over its more mature counterparts.

Nirwana Bali Golf Club

The Nirwana Bali Golf Club has the distinctive feel of Western influence despite its conformity to natural terrain. The course, which was designed by former British Open champion Greg Norman, is located near scenic luxury locations in Bali and makes sure to emphasize the natural beauty that comes with the lay of the land. This golf course is so acclaimed and recommended by players that is once ambitiously gave itself the distinction as the best golf course in Indonesia and, more recently, Asia.

Bali National Golf Club

Long held up as a tourist pedestal, the Bali National Golf Club has exceeded expectations time and again to earn its reputation as of Asia’s top five golf courses. The 18-hole course boasts a scenic seaside tableau which leads most golfers to tee off in the late afternoons just so they can catch the picturesque Bali sunset while at the waterfront. After undergoing major renovations, the course opened in 2013 to much anticipation. Once again, Bali National Golf Club has risen above and beyond the competition.

Bali Handara Kosaido Country Club

The hour-and-a-half long travel across Bali might seem a bit much for just a golf course. However, the beautiful sights that one see along the way will make the trip seem to fly by and last shorter than it actually is. Also, one hour and thirty minutes is such a small price to be able to see a golf club that is known for having one of the most beautiful and visually appealing golf courses in the world. The mountainous backdrop of the Bali Handara Kosaido Country Club lends an air of fantasy to the course, and will make any player feel like one of the earliest practitioners of golf right from the tee off.