How to Workout on a Budget

There is no dearth of gyms and personal trainers these days. However, at times you might find them charging an exuberant fee for guiding you with your workout regime. Thus, you would obviously want to go for something that is more economical and suits your pocket. You do not need to compromise on your fitness at all even if the above two options do not fall in your budget. There are many ideas for you to work out within your budget.


1. Working Out at Home

Working out at home on your own is a great idea as you can exercise whenever you find time and totally as per your convenience. You can buy some fitness and exercise videos. Play these at your home and you can learn as you watch these and then practice the same. Some simple equipment like treadmill, stationary bike and fitness ball can be purchased to be used at home only. These are not too costly also and great for daily use. If you find exercising boring, you do not have to stick to a stereotype exercising regime. Just put on some music and dance to your heart, if that is what you are fond of. Dancing involves a lot of physical activity and thus is equally effective in keeping your body fit.

2. Simple BodyWeight Exercises

Body weight exercises can help you remain fit while staying at home and are economical as you do not need to purchase any equipment. You should always start with a ten to fifteen minutes warm up session so as to prepare your body for work out. A warm up session improves blood circulation and thus prepares the body for a high intensity exercises. Common body weight exercises include push ups, pull ups, squat, chair dips, plank exercises, abdominal crunches and jumping lunges. All these target muscles in the different areas of the body. Upper arms, chest, abdomen, thighs and shoulders all are taken care of. If you are a little experimental and stay motivated you can have a full body workout all by yourself at your home itself.

3. Joining a Boot Camp

Fitness boot camps have flexible pricing structures and give you options that fall within your budget. Boot camps are organized in the open and have a wide range of workout ideas for their members. You can choose to take up anything from mat exercises to exercising with a fitness ball, from hiking to sports drill, from jumping rope to obstacles course. In a boot camp exercises are usually performed with loud background music and all activities are fun filled so as to make the sessions more interesting.

4. Engaging in Sports and other Physical Activities

If you are fond of sports, engaging in the same is a great workout idea for you. It can be badminton, tennis, football, basketball or any other game of your choice. The idea behind exercising is to ensure some kind of physical activity, which is achieved when you indulge in any sport. Other than this, regular jogging, brisk walk, swimming and cycling are also simple ideas to maintain a fit and healthy body.

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