How often should you get your teeth professionally cleaned?

Getting your teeth cleaned by a dentist can be really beneficial for your oral health. During a tooth cleaning session, a dentist will remove a lot more plaque than we can possibly do ourselves just by brushing. You can have your teeth cleaned at somewhere similar to this huntington beach dentistry practice.

It recommended we get our teeth cleaned regularly by a dentist to uphold a healthy mouth.

In terms of regularly, many professionals recommend you have it done twice a year by a professional, like the team at lakeshore dental, but it really depends on your oral health.

Everyone has a different oral health and it can depend on genetics, care and diet.

Your dentist will be able to tell you how often you need your teeth cleaned by them.

If you suffer from gum disease, your dentist will recommend more frequent cleanings. Healthy patients may only need their teeth cleaning once a year. It’s important to make these appointments with your dentist to prevent any problems with your teeth from getting worse. Failure to attend regular check-ups could lead to you experiencing a dental emergency and you may need to find an after hour dentist to treat you.

To find out how often you need to come back and get your teeth cleaned your dentist will evaluate the health of your mouth and ask you questions about cleaning habits and risk factors. They will then estimate a regime for you to come back, and this may change as time goes on.

Always trust your dentist’s advice. Twice a year is a reference point for average oral health and yours may be different to this.

Talk to your dentist and book an appointment to discover what is right for you.