How do air compression boots help with recovery?

If you’re a sports fan, you must have seen athletes wearing long zip up inflated black boots. They are called air compression boots or Compression boots. These black boots may seem unusual to put on, but they are truly beneficial for recovery.

The power of air compression boots.

It’s no news that people especially athletes suffer from fatigue and soreness, which makes it difficult for them to perform their normal training routine because they need time to recover after strenuous exercises. Recovery time allows the body to restore what was broken down during training, adapt to the difficulty of the exercise, and get stronger. This is where air compression boots come in.

Compression boots help with recovery by using condensed air to massage the legs and feet. The boots swell and relax in portions to emulate the normal body muscle pump to remove waste products like lactic acid which helps to speed recovery.

 Several research studies have been conducted or carried out to prove that air compression boots are beneficial. The list of benefits of Compression boots which makes it aid recovery includes;

  • Enhanced blood circulation;

Evidence has not been shown to prove that compression boots increase blood flow, but it helps in blood circulation or movement after training during recovery. Increased blood circulation flushes out toxins that are generated during training. It reduces swelling or inflammation. It also reduces muscle discomforts thereby decreasing recovery time. Along with these boots, the use of supplements such as Biochemical Boluoke that may aid recovery can also be considered; it is a dietary supplement that contains an enzyme extract known as lumbrokinase which is said to support cardiovascular health and improved circulation.

  • Removal of toxins such as lactic acid;

It is believed by many that soreness of the muscles is caused by lactic acid, but research has proved that soreness of the muscles is caused by mini-tears in the muscles that occur during exercise. Still lactic acid is not good, in that it creates negative effects on muscles by building-up fatigue in the muscles. How does compression boots help? Compression boots improve blood circulation and movement which in turn flushes out or removes lactic acid from the muscles. This helps in reducing fatigue and enhance recovery.

  • Improved flexibility and movement;

Due to rigorous exercises or training sessions, muscles may suffer from stiffness which can reduce mobility or movement making it hard to continue with the workout routine. Compression boots aids in this regard by preventing stiffness that comes with severe workouts. This helps improve flexibility and movement.

  • Relaxed muscles ;

Compression boots serve as a masseuse for the leg or feet. After being strapped on, it massages by using compressed air that helps to mobilize fluid in the muscles thereby relaxing the muscles. Relaxed muscles decrease recovery time.

  • Reduced pain caused by the soreness in the muscles;

Sources have proved that compression boots have the potential to reduce pain caused by exertion physically. Simply saying, putting on these boots reduces pain caused by soreness of the muscles.

Normatec is known for manufacturing air compression boots. These boots can be found in physical therapy centers, studios, and gyms.

Air compression boots have been tested and proven to be effective in aiding recovery.