Finding the Motivation to Exercise when Low on Inspiration

Trust me, even if you’re into the health and fitness benefits of exercising as a matter of a career path you’re following, sometimes finding the motivation to exercise can be really hard. Inspiration runs low very quickly and even a health and fitness goal you might have is sometimes not enough to keep you motivated.

Sometimes you could have been making some good progress in heading towards your health and fitness goals, diligently putting in the hours in the gym, but then all it takes could be something like one hectic week at school or work to totally mess things up. As you might have come to learn, it’s so much more difficult to effectively get back on the horse than it is to keep riding it.

You’ll need to find the motivation from somewhere though and here are some ideas:

Do one rep

This is a personal development trick that goes beyond the realms of physical exercise. In other areas of one’s life it could entail something like starting to type the first word of the first paragraph, if, for instance, your aim is to get through some writing work. You have to set the wheels into motion through the smallest action possible. This can often be enough to help you build up the momentum to keep going and, bringing things back to the fitness arena, it all starts with doing one rep or taking that first step if, for instance, your exercise programme for that particular day entails cardio.

Get dressed

As convenient as it is to just get up and work out in the clothes you’re already wearing, perhaps even your pajamas, it’s better to get into a routine of wearing gym clothes that are fit for the exercise activity. Get dressed for the gym, including getting fully kitted out in your sneakers as well. This helps you get over a very powerful psychological barrier that can help you find the motivation you need to get the ball rolling and put in a meaningful session.

The mind never wants to waste the effort of something like getting dressed up, even if in this case it would be for a challenging activity such as working out instead of something like a night out partying.

Using tech cues

From alarm clocks that don’t shut off until you’ve completed a certain distance to be run (tracked via fitness bands like Fitbit) to interactive digital calendars that can help you stay on track with your exercise regime, using tech cues is a great way to find the motivation to exercise when running low on inspiration. Further along this line, with e-commerce portals such as Mobile Mob now offering the necessary accessories, as well as replacement chargers for devices like Fitbit, keeping up with this trend might be easier than ever.

Preparing for possible barriers

In order to guard against the possibility of succumbing to excuses not to work out on account of some environmental factors, make sure to pre-prepare for all possible barriers. Make an anti pollution mask a part of your workout gear, for instance, so that if there is perhaps some smog or pollution in the air on a particular day, you still have no excuse not to go out and do your daily run.