Cheaper life insurance offered to vapers – Know how they are treated by the companies

A million-dollar question among those who vape e-cigarettes is whether or not they will deemed as a non-smoker or a smoker when they approach their life insurance providing companies. Recently, there are an increasingly large numbers of people who are using electronic cigarettes to quit smoking as they are devices powered by a battery and which can transform the liquid form of flavored nicotine and turn it into vapor. As the user breathes in the vapor, there is no smoke that actually goes inside the respiratory system of the vaper. This is why they enjoy the vaping of an e-cigarette.

There are few American employers who are taking a big step to include these products at the smoker classification in order to check their insurance determinations. People who smoke usually have to pay higher health and life insurance rates but recently the category of e-cigarette users have been included and they can get cheaper life insurance for you.

Impact of vaping on insurance

There has already been too much of debate within the insurance industry regarding the topic, whether e-cigarette users should be considered as smokers. It is clear by now that smoking is injurious to health and this fact is excluded from the debate as the harm has already been proved several times. But how good are e-cigarettes when compared to conventional cigarettes?

Insurers are always watching out for things that cause harm to someone’s health and smoking is a big deal for them. This is why their life insurance rates are much high as they’re susceptible to making an early claim. You could be fit in all other ways but when you smoke, your insurance premiums would double up.

How do insurers classify smokers?

Majority of the insurers classify someone as a smoker when they take the following products:

  • Pipe tobacco
  • E-cigarettes
  • Cigarettes
  • Nicotine patches and gums
  • Cigars
  • Cannabis smoking
  • Chewing or snuffing tobacco

Then what about e-cigs?

There are still several insurance companies which categorize vapers who use e-cigarettes based on nicotine as smokers. The insurers believe in the fact that the consumption of any form of tobacco, be it in the lightest form will help you progress towards using several other harmful products based on tobacco.

Do they get cheaper insurance rates?

However, there is one insurer who has taken a big step in changing the way in which electronic cigarettes are deemed in term of insurance. They say that e-cigs don’t contain the traditional tobacco which is present in cigarettes and hence they are a healthier option. This is why they are given rates that are given to a non-smoker.

So, if you choose the right insurance company, you might as well save your dollars on your life insurance policy despite being a vaper.