Becoming a better rider: tips and exercises

When the weather is nice outside, riding a bike is a very popular activity for people all over Canada. Riding a bike can be a great form of exercise, mode of transportation, and a great way to get really fit. No matter what you use your bike for, there’s a lot of benefits to becoming an expert at biking. For those that are looking to become better at biking, here are a variety of tips and exercises that could be followed to become better at cycling.

Get the Right Bike

For those that are trying to get better at riding a bike, one of the most important tips to follow is getting the right bike. Choosing the right bike is extremely important as it will have a major impact on how your overall cycling experience is. You should choose a bike that is designed for your typical terrain, riding style, and height and weight. When you go to a bike shop, an expert should be able to help you pick a bike that is ideal for your situation. This could immediately give your speed and control a boost.

Improve Slowly

Ultimately, when you are trying to become a better bike rider, you will need to push yourself. While you may be comfortable riding at a certain speed, you will not develop much if you do not step outside of your comfort zone. However, at the same time, you should not increase the speed so much that you are out of control or get injured. Because of this, you should increase your resistance and speed slowly. Some great options for this can include increasing your speed by one mile per hour every couple of weeks. Within a few months, you will be riding at a much faster rate.

Go With a Group

One of the biggest issues that people have when it comes to getting better at riding, or any other activity, is losing motivation. Because of this, you should find a way to feel motivated and accountable. One of the best ways to do this is by joining a bike-riding group. When you join a small group, you will have people that have the same goals and outlook on riding that you do. Everyone in the group will help push each other and will keep you working hard and riding on a regular basis.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Riding a bike is a very complicated and challenging form of exercise. While you will build up your cardiovascular fitness by riding on a regular basis, you will also want to improve your muscular strength. Those that are going to be good at biking will need to have a strong core, back, and legs. Doing a fitness routine that focuses on these exercises will help you to become a better rider very quickly. Some great bodyweight exercises to do can include planking, lunges, squats, and deadlifts. All of these exercises will focus on building the muscles you need to be fast and strong when you are on the road and riding your bike.