8 Most Common Gym Fallacies

For the past few years, society has been encouraging us to change our lifestyle. Now, all celebrities, as well as regular people, are promoting a healthy lifestyle and commitment to regular workouts. The gyms are fuller than ever, people are really enjoying building their bodies and take that process really seriously.

However, fitness rookies find staying in shape to be hard and complicated. Furthermore, they’ve been “contaminated” with one dangerous and stubborn virus that is called Gym Fallacies. It is among us since the first gym in the world was opened and it continued to exist till this day. Yet, we are doing our best to get rid of it.

1. You should do ab exercises every single day if you want to have abs

One word: WRONG. As you may have heard, abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym. Even though exercising builds your muscles, it doesn’t burn fat. When you keep your calorie intake in check, the fat on your stomach is going to start disappearing. Ab workouts are good if you want that ripped six-pack abs (that will be visible once your fat is gone), but ab muscles are just like any other muscle in your body – they need rest. Muscles are not growing while you are working out, but while you are resting.

2. Women shouldn’t be lifting weights because they will make them bulky and manly

Probably the stupidest misconception of them all. All the ladies out there, understand one thing: the bulky models you are seeing on competitions such as Miss Olympia have three thousand injection holes in their bums because of all the testosterone injections they took. Men and women have completely different body shape, as well as hormones. In other words, lifting is the best thing you can do ladies. The heavier the weights, the more calories are burned.

3. If you want your bum to get bigger, stick to leg exercises only

This is similar to the ab part. While you are working out, your muscle tissue cracks, which allows them to grow later (and this is also why you are feeling sore after a good workout). This means that doing only leg exercises every day will not build your bum and leg muscle, whereas two times a week is a perfect pace that will yield desired results. Lift, stack up on proteins, and watch it grow.

4. Women shouldn’t be doing upper body exercises

This one makes every fitness instructor painfully mad. Human body is a complex machine and every single muscle group is equally important. There is no way you can have a tight abdomen and a shaky bum – it’s not how it goes unless you are blessed with that kind of genes.

5. You shouldn’t eat after workout

A meal after a workout is the second most important meal of the day after breakfast. It is exactly after the workout when your body needs fuel. Also, you should never let yourself feel hungry because your body is going to remember that feeling and the next time you eat, the food is going to turn straight into fat as a backdrop for never feeling hungry again.

6. The gym is the only place you can work out properly

The gym is a perfect choice for the people who like to work out surrounded an uplifting atmosphere. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who prefer exercising in the comfort of their home or at the beach. Most of them also don’t have the time to go to the gym every day. The good news is that you don’t have to. Now, there are a lot of mobile personal trainers, such as those from Gym To You, that will come fully-equipped to any location you want.

7. If you want to lose fat – do cardio every day

Well, you can try. But, you will end up crying in fetal position when you realize that all of your muscles practically ate themselves. Why? Too much cardio leads to catabolic state, strength reduction, and slowing down your metabolism. Weights are the best for burning calories, and doing cardio twice a week is more than enough.

8. You need to sweat a lot if you want to burn fat

Some of us sweat heavily while others don’t. The amount of sweat your body produces during your workout has nothing to do with the amount of fat that is being burnt. Sweat is just the excess water that leaves your body while doing something physical activities.

That would be it. Remember: eat healthy, lift weights and stay committed. In 6 months’ time, your body will thank you.