Stay in Shape While Commuting

Some people face grueling commutes five days a week. In fact, estimates in some larger cities within the U.S., commute times can extend beyond two hours each way. That is a lot of time to spend in the car. You might as well make that time work for you by getting a quick workout in. Or, depending on the length of your commute, a long one.

There are several exercises you can do behind the wheel of your car to strengthen your core and flatten your belly. The first exercise is called bracing and it’s really easy to do while driving. The key is to engage your core muscles and hold them in that state, almost exactly like someone was about to hit you in the gut and you seize up to protect your vital organs. Remain engaged for as long as you can before letting out a deep breath and softening the muscles. Give yourself a rest, and then engage the core muscles again and again. This simple technique has proven to effectively strengthen abdominal muscles. Pelvic tilts are another exercise to help strengthen your core while driving. These are done by simply raising and lower your pelvis area which crunching your abdominal muscles. It’s best if you hold each tilt for a few seconds before releasing.

You can also work out your hand and arm muscles using your free hand in a exercise called the grip squeeze. This trick is about as easy at it sounds and requires you to squeeze a very small hand grip device that is available for purchase anywhere. The repeated squeezing motion builds the muscles of the hands, forearm and can be a tension breaker after a long day at the office.

Breathing exercises are also very beneficial to your overall health and easy to do in the car while commuting. They might also help keep your nerves in check as you sit in stress inducing traffic. There are many types of breathing exercises that can be done in the car from simple deep inhales and exhales to short bursts of breaths combined with breath holding and long exhales.