Improve Your Fitness This Summer Without Going To The Gym!

We all join the gym with the best intentions. We’re certain we’ll hit the running machines three times a week, lose weight and gain strength. The truth isn’t quite so simple! Our hectic lives get in the way and the same old gym routines get boring quickly. For that reason, it’s worth looking elsewhere to get your fitness kicks. In this post, we’ll show you how to build your fitness this summer, without setting foot in the gym!



Eat right – Before you do anything else, take a good, hard look at your diet. Without the right food intake, your exercises and workouts are almost worthless. The right diet will help you shed those pounds faster. Plus, they’ll give you all the energy and stamina you need to work out effectively. So, if you’re struggling with low energy and low motivation, it’s probably down to your diet. It’s time to cut out fats and sugars and increase fruit and vegetables. Lower your carbohydrate intake and focus on healthy proteins.

Routine – Whatever method of exercise you go for, make sure you make it a routine. Set a realistic target of workouts that you’ll enjoy and stick to. Make it part of your weekly routine and you’ll find it much easier to reach your goals.

Cycling or running – There are two main methods of exercising, aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic focuses on building stamina and fitness. It involves longer cardio workouts that increase your heart rate over a long period of time. Cycling and running are perfect for this. We suggest hitting the roads and forgetting the boring treadmills and cycle machines. Hunt out custom bike jerseys, cycling shorts and the perfect mountain bike online and take the open road!

Team sports – When it comes to sticking to your workouts, you’ve got to find something you love. It’s crucial that you find an exercise that you enjoy. That way, you’ll keep coming back and build that stamina over time. Team sports are a great way to do that. They often have a weekly schedule built in and you’ll love the social aspect of it. Try basketball, football or netball for a quick fix!

Adventure sports – If you’re more of a thrill-seeker, perhaps it’s time to explore the great outdoors. Shape your exercise around your excitement for adventure. There are all sorts of sports that provide a tough workout here. Mountain climbing is one such activity that requires impressive upper body and core strength.

Set goals and measure progress – Whatever activities or sports you choose, make sure you set realistic goals and measure your progress. It’s the best way to make sure you’re staying on top of your fitness. Without a clear defined end-goal, you’ll slowly lose motivation and drift out of routine. If you’re looking for long-lasting fitness, you’ve got to push yourself and reach new limits.

There are alternatives to the same old gym routines. Get out in the open air and find a workout that you love. Make it a social activity and keep pushing yourself to go further and harder!