How to Get Fit If You Cant Afford a Personal Trainer

Getting and staying fit is something that we all aspire to, but it can be easier said than done, especially if your budget doesn’t stretch to paying for sessions with a personal trainer. It can be hard to meet those fitness goals without a personal trainer but here are some DIY fitness training tips to get you started.

Plan Your Meals

Plan your meals ahead to avoid the temptation of convenience food. Also ensuring you have breakfast food on hand can prevent hungry impulse food purchases which can result in some extremely poor dietary choices. Find out your ideal calorie intake based on your BMI and activity level and use that as a guide.

Stability is Key

Create a healthy diet that you can stick to and don’t succumb to the allure of the crash diet. It may be tempting to think that an unrealistic diet that aims to achieve weight loss in the quickest possible time is the best option, but they are unsustainable. Stick to a stable and healthy reduced calorie diet that factors in your nutritional needs rather than a fad that could leave you in worse shape than when you started.

Find the Right App for You

Personal trainers are excellent ¬†and experienced in helping you achieve your absolute best. However, if you can’t find room in your budget for even affordable personal training there are a wide variety of apps that can motivate you and track your progress. Check the features and see if it does everything you need it to do such as meal tracking and exercise programs.

Ditch Weights for Body Weight

Weight training without a professional personal trainer can be dangerous. Reduce that danger by using bodyweight exercises that rely on your own body mass to provide the workout. Such exercises include burpees and push-ups, and can still provide an intense muscle workout despite the absence of additional weights.

Keep it Simple and Challenging

Intense but simple exercises such as jump rope and running allow you to exercise safely and without assistance from a professional trainer. Cardio exercises can be difficult to sustain without the help of a personal trainer but using a jump rope or finding an interesting running route to challenge yourself with can keep your motivation levels up.

Use the Right Equipment

Simple equipment such as a foam roll or an exercise ball can give you the support you need to work out without causing your body unnecessary strain or potential long-term injury. An exercise or yoga mat is also a great investment, it doesn’t have to be a pricey one but your body will definitely appreciate it next time you do floor stretches.

Go Outside

Getting outdoors and walking is a great first step towards better fitness, gradually increasing pace and distance is a measurable way to keep challenging yourself. Find some stairs to climb, challenging hills and windy paths. As you exercise you can get out and enjoy your surroundings, discover new places and enjoy the simple pleasures of beautiful sceneries and picturesque sunsets.

Weight loss and fitness can be difficult to achieve without the assistance of a personal trainer but it is definitely possible when you employ strategies that empower you to make the right decisions for your body. Taking charge of your own health is essential to achieving the fitness and weight goals you strive for.