Five Things To Ask Your Doctor About Your Medications

When it comes to getting on medications, no matter what they are for, you need to make sure that you learn everything you can about them. It is good for your health to be informed about such things. It’s not that you are trying to get out of taking medications, it’s just a matter of being an informed patient.


There are medications that may get you into trouble at work, or behind the wheel. That is one of the many reasons to learn about your prescriptions. You don’t want to lose your job over a narcotic that was prescribed, just as much as you don’t want to take a medication that may harm you because of one of your other medications.

Why Are You Prescribing This?

Begin by finding out exactly why it is that your doctor is prescribing you with any particular medication.This isn’t simply about what it is meant to cure or cover, but also why this certain one. There are usually numerous medications for one particular ailment, just like most of them can help with numerous ailments.

Know exactly which ailment they are prescribing it for and why those chose this specific medication for you. It is also helpful to have a little pocket notebook with you so that you can write down notes. It may help you come up with questions later as well.

What Are The Possible Side Effects?

When you pick up your medication at the pharmacist your pharmacist should give you a print out that lists all of possible complications and side effects your medication has, but it doesn’t hurt to personally ask your doctor about them. If there are some that are really common and happen often you may want to know so you can ask about an alternative.

How Long Will I Need To Take It?

Are you going to be taking this medication for the rest of your life? Is it going to be damaging your organs the longer you take it? These are very important questions to ask your doctor when it comes to prescription medications.

Maybe you’ll only need to take it for ten days, or a few months. Sometimes knowing the length of time you need to medicate can help you get through your illness on a more positive note.

Will It Affect My Diet Or Other Medications?

Contraindications are extremely important. If you drink that grapefruit juice will it make your blood pressure medication on work and increase your risk of a stroke? Sometimes one medication can reduce the effectiveness of another, like antibiotics and birth control.

Is It Addictive?

Addiction is difficult and once addicted it can be hard to get better again. While most people don’t have much of a risk of getting addicted to a prescription medication, it does happen, usually with certain types of pain medications. Know your risks and you may be able to save yourself some time and trouble in the future.