Exercising in third trimester

Being in a shape of your lifetime and feeling good about yourself is a great thing which is usually achieved with a proper diet and a regular exercise. In time, as your dream of a perfect figure becomes closer to reality, you might just find out that exercise is no longer an obligation, but a part of your lifestyle. In time you will grow so accustomed to it that you might just find it difficult to go through your day with it, so much that you won’t be willing to skip it even in your pregnancy or in its third trimester.

Naturally, some changes are bound to happen but this should not discourage your from continuing with your daily exercising routines. All you will need to do is adjust them a bit and in no time you will be on the right track. Here are few simple tips and advices that should help keep your training as safe and as effective even in the third trimester of your pregnancy.


Let your body be your guide

The key thing is to understand that your body will change and it will react differently to any form of physical activity. For example you might find it difficult to breathe even after some minor and easier exercises. Because in the third trimester, your baby already takes a substantial amount of space, your diaphragm will be quite restricted, so if this happens don’t panic, just take a break until things are back to normal.

Make sure that you warm-up properly

Even when not pregnant it is never a good idea to just start exercising in full steam without first warming up. Take it easy and patiently, you have all the time in the world. A proper third trimester warm-up consists of several easier exercises such as wall slide, cat camel and thoracic rotation. This won’t take much of your time but will certainly prepare you for your exercise in the right way.

Don’t be afraid to consult a professional

It is never a bad idea for one to consult a professional trainer since regardless of any research that you have conducted on your own, you can never cover everything. As in anything else you want to go for the best so by hiring someone from a renowned agency which provides personal trainer Dubai services you will ensure that any training that you undergo in your third trimester is in no way harmful for either yourself or your baby while maintaining the most efficient training that you can endure. In the end of the day this is what it is all about.


Replace long walks with several shorter ones

Long walks can have a negative effect for your pelvis so they should be avoided whenever possible. When you add to the mix the aforementioned troubles with breathing there is no reason whatsoever why you shouldn’t divide your cardio into a few shorter ones during the day. This also goes for the rest of your training. Although it is sometimes better and more efficient to do it all at once, doing the entire training several hours apart is still better than doing it partially or not doing it at all.

Rest and eat as much as you can

Prolong your post training rest if anyhow possible since your body may take a bit longer to recover than it usually takes. Another thing is that you need to remember that you are still eating for two and if on top of that you are also performing regular exercises, you should for no reason whatsoever starve yourself. The top priority here, and for the rest of your life from this point, is your beloved baby. This means that your stern diet will have to wait a bit until you are again on your own.

Although exercising and doing so regularly is important, the health of your baby and that of your own should always come first. Once you set your priorities straight, try and find some ways in which you can adjust your training to your current condition. You can still train although you are in the third trimester, all you need to do is to know how.