Digging Deep to Find Exercise Motivation

It’s like something just grabs a hold of that portion of your mind which is responsible for the movement of your muscles when you suffer from a distinct lack of motivation to get up and exercise. You might have been going along really well all along, knocking out exercise session after session in your regime, yet on this one occasion it just seems like not even a million pounds could get you into your gym clothes and exercising.

Feelings of a lack of motivation can be sparked by a number of reasons, one of which is fatigue or just a lack of inspiration in the moment, but you best train yourself to take advantage of every single opportunity to remain on your regime that you can. It can get really hard getting back on track as one off-day could very quickly pile up and result in so many off-days of missed workouts that it become impossible to catch up even if you were to exercise twice a day. By off-days of course I mean those days on which you were supposed to exercise and didn’t, not the days you take off as those you explicitly set aside as rest-days. Rest days are very important and you simply can’t hit the gym or the road every single day of every single week of every month of the year! You’ll burnout, injure yourself or just start beating yourself up about not being able to maintain such a schedule.

So how do you dig deep to find that illusive inspiration and motivation when there really isn’t any? There are a couple of hacks you can try…

Put on Your Gym Attire

1Women’s sportswear in particular looks really attractive when it hugs your body, but for the person wearing it it’s a bit of a borderline crossing between comfort and discomfort. Gym attire is meant to be as comfortable as possible when you’re actually out exercising, but why do you feel like taking it all off when you get back home? You feel like taking it off because it’s usually all sweaty after a workout and starts to become a little bit uncomfortable for just relaxing in, which is a property that can be used as a psychological source of motivation. Simply change into your gym clothes when you’re feeling unmotivated, getting fully-kitted out as if you were actually headed to the gym.

It often works like a charm because you then go into exercise-mode and perhaps ensure to try and get the day’s exercise done so you can come back and get out of your gym clothes.

Engage in a Different, Fun Exercise

If after trying to trick your brain into switching into exercise mode by putting on your gym attire you still feel unmotivated to even lift a finger, try engaging in a different type of exercise than you would have had to be doing on that particular day. If you were meant to be running or lifting weights for instance, which are some heavy exercises, go with something a little different, like yoga perhaps or cycling.