Chest-Friendly Workouts That Everyone Can Do

We all know by now how annoying breasts can be while exercising. When we want to run, jump or do anything that involves excessive movement, women with boobs of any size are subject to uncomfortableness, bounce and pain.

But there are some workouts you can do that can reduce the movement and reduce the pain. You can still get a great work out and build up a sweat but without the added discomfort.


Yoga isn’t just stretching and sitting in weird positions. It can actually be a really great work out and – yes! – you can still build up a sweat doing this. While some postures may be more difficult for those with big boobs, there are easy modifications you can do to help you get the full range of exercises.

Keeping a slight bend in your knees can help to prevent pressure on the discs around the lumbar region unless you already have a really strong core. Using an extra mat can also help with balancing.

The best thing to do it to try a few movements out and see what your boobs get in the way of – there’s not many but try and find an alternative or a

Buy a Decent Sports Bra

The key to providing support for breasts while exercising is to invest in a really good sports bra. It’s the material that holds your boobs in place so it makes sense that it is imperative to spend a bit of time and money on making sure you get the right one.

A lot of girls with big boobs tend to layer up on sports bras for support, but sometimes it’s better to spend more money on a high tech one than spend a little bit of money on not as good ones just to layer up. You can get some great tips on selecting the perfect sports bra at

Core Work

If you have larger boobs, your upper torso will carry extra weight and you need to strengthen your back and abs to support this extra weight and prevent back pain. Planks are an amazing exercise to strengthen your entire core from your front to you back but certain back strengthening moves like renegade rows and back flexions will do wonders for your back strength.

Uphill Walk

If you want to get your cardiovascular output improved, but dread high impact exercises that can make your boobs bounce uncontrollably, then try a brisk walk on an incline setting on the treadmill. Walking uphill quickly can burn just as many calories as a run or jog but without the excess movement.

Cardiovascular output is still improved, granted, not as effective as running, but you can still make an impact on this with a brisk uphill walk.


Barre is one of the up and coming trends in workout exercises this year for women. It has its roots in yoga and pilates but is inspired by ballet. The barre is used as a prop to balance during strength training, the workout itself is a mixture of balance while staying still and lots of small motion movements.

It’s an interesting one to try and definitely worth looking into if you’re looking for a new workout that is easy on your breasts.