5 Top Reasons Why You Should Get An Workout Buddy



Everybody knows the benefits of regular exercise. If you’re struggling to be as active as you’d like, then working out with a friend may be the best solution.

Exercising alone isn’t for everyone. While it’s nice to enjoy some alone time, some people are just better suited to enjoying their activities with another person.

Acquiring an exercise buddy brings many benefits, here are five of the best:

Makes Exercising More Social

After working so hard at work, it’s only natural that you want to enjoy your leisure time. If you aren’t one of those people that genuinely seeks pleasure from working out, then an exercise buddy is the best solution.

If you use gyms, then you could even think about joining a class to increase those social aspects further. You might even make new friends along the way.

Moreover, it’s also a great way to keep your activities varied and exciting.

Notice Changes

While exercise should be seen as a way to promote general health, we’re all guilty of a little narcissism. Seeing improvements in the mirror is one thing, but having someone to notice the changes in physical appearance is a welcomed bonus.

Words of positivity will mean a lot more coming from someone that has seen the effort put in. Those kind responses will give you a boost in confidence, and also help drive you on for even better results.

One of the biggest reasons for people quitting is that they don’t see results quick enough. With an exercise partner, this shouldn’t be a problem.


Finding excuses is easy when exercising by yourself. However, your buddy will keep you on track.

Letting yourself down is one thing, but letting down your friend is another altogether. The guilt trip will kick your butt into gear, even on days where you really don’t feel like doing it. In the long run, this is what will help you succeed.

Additionally, the fact you’ll want to push your partner on will subconsciously increase your motivation to exercise too.

Tips & Secrets

Another fantastic factor in obtaining an exercise buddy is that you’ll have someone to bounce ideas off of. The two of you will be able to discuss new activities, eating plans, and other fitness related topics that other friends just don’t understand.

Shaking things up is a key part of keeping your exercise interesting. Trying out your friend’s suggestions is the best way to ensure your routines don’t become bland. After all, that lack of enjoyment is often the main reason for quitting.

It’s good to trick your body with new regimes too.

Increase Performance Levels

You and your exercise partner are there to support each other, but it’s only natural that you will enjoy a competitiveness. Aspiring to outperform your friend could be what helps you achieve greater results than you’ve ever seen previously.

Some people might view that competitiveness as a potential problem. It’s not. Embrace it and you are both bound to see great results, whether it’s running quicker or lifting heavier weights.

Increased fun and improved performance. What more incentive could you need?