3 Diet Myths You Probably Still Believe

When it comes to food, there are plenty of myths in which we still believe today. Some are fun, others are interesting, and most of them are not even true. But what is it that makes us still believe in them?-Probably the ability of losing weight, or even a simple chance of doing it rapidly. Here are some of the most popular myths.

Eating carbohydrates will make us fat

Our muscles and brain need energy, and our energy comes from everything  we eat. But, what we didn’t know is that carbohydrates are the most preferable energy source for our body. Eating carbohydrates helps our body, improves it, and gives it the energy it needs to go through the day. But, do carbohydrates make us fat? Well, if eat more than our body requires, then most certainly yes. On the other hand, if we eat just the amount we need and don’t feel stuffed, we won’t gain weight. In fact, eating good carbs such as whole grains, fruits, and veggies will help our immune system, improve the speed of our metabolism, and give us all of the important ingredients our body needs to stay strong;  while eating refined carbs such as white bread, doughnuts, and pasta will just add on extra weight,  and won’t have any positive effect on our immune system or metabolism.

Detox diet

One of the myths that really hooked on a lot of people is the detox diet myth;  which states that one can detoxify his body by drinking specially designed juices. Normally, the first thing that comes to your mind is the thought that juices are a great way of body rejuvenation, not the detoxification. The people  who got hooked by watching the commercials tried this diet, and it didn’t work out. The  reason is simple: this diet is based on drinking salt water as soon as you wake up, drinking a mixture of water, lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper during the day, and before going to sleep drinking a cup of laxative tea. Does that sound convenient? Not only is it not healthy, but this diet is not really a diet. Yes, you will end up losing weight (which is in fact the energy body needs to survive), and as soon as you stop with this so-called diet, you will resume eating normally except the amount you eat will increase.  This will leads to gaining more weight than before  the beginning of the diet. If you’re still not convinced, this interesting article on detox diets will surely burst your bubble.

Eggs are bad for our body and heart


Finally, we are down to cholesterol, and its effect on the human body. Is it really deadly to eat eggs, and why is cholesterol on the “forbidden list”? To start with, one has to know that in every cell membrane inside the human body, there is cholesterol. It is naturally produced by the liver, and the funny thing is that there is a contrast: the more cholesterol we eat, the less our liver produces;  the less we eat, the more it produces. This basically means that the cholesterol we insert via food has little impact on the level of cholesterol in our blood. Another important fact is that eggs are rich in protein, iron, zinc, phosphorus, vitamin D, and vitamin B12. Cholesterol is just one of the things each egg has; in most cases, healthy people can eat an egg per day without having any problems with their cholesterol. What most people don’t know is the fact that it is not the cholesterol from eggs that we should avoid, but the food that is served with the eggs, such as: bacon, sausages, and pancakes.  In order to stay slim, you can eat eggs regularly without the additional food served with it. This will lead to a healthy and strong body and a good and stable metabolism.