Making a Success out of Your Health & Fitness Blogging Career

Time sure flies and because I’ve been having nothing but fun over my nine-year blogging career, it doesn’t feel like I’ve been working at all. This particular blog goes back to 2010 as far as its origins go, so I have nine years of experience to draw on in discussing some pointers which can help anyone make a success out of running their own health and fitness blog. I suppose this can quite safely transcend the health & fitness niche in particular, but there are indeed some niche-specific nuances which one needs to get right.

Professionalise your operation

Half of the job of making a success out of your particular health & fitness niche blog is done if you treat it like it’s something which you’re getting paid to do. So you need to be professional about it and this is important because it actually makes for the fine line between the very few bloggers and their blogs that succeed and the many more that fail, in a niche which appears to have long since been saturated.

Treat your blog like the business that you’d like for it to become and make sure to get fibre broadband internet so that you never have to worry about anything other than producing high-quality content. Basically broadband that’s delivered to the home through optic fibre is the best grade of internet one can get, which means if you need to watch some videos as part of your research perhaps, even if someone else in the household is perhaps watching Netflix at the same time, the quality of your experience isn’t compromised.

You might even need to stream one or more of your own workout sessions live or something along those lines, for instance, in which case having access to the fastest and best grade of internet is crucial to the maintenance of your service as one which is nothing less than professional.

Fitting your niche topic into the bigger lifestyle topic

Bloggers somehow tend to want to complicate things by thinking they need to apply some fifth-dimension formula to what is essentially a lifestyle element that already forms part of our everyday lives. If you’re blogging for the health & fitness niche, remember that health & fitness is a niche that is encompassed by the ultimate niche, which is your lifestyle in general. Therefore it shouldn’t be explored and documented in pure isolation.

For example, if you’re discussing health supplements, this would be in relation to an overall budget the readers might have to work with and so you can’t just assume they’ll have hundreds of dollars to spend on those supplements and something like a gym membership.


The general rule-of thumb is that since the ultimate aim of blogging within this niche is to achieve some kind of financial success, all the content you put out should be content which you would pay to access yourself. That sets it all up well for monetization.